Newsted – Metal

Newsted - 2013 - Metal

Metal by Newsted

Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Type: EP
Release Format: CD
Original Release Year: 2013
Label: Chophouse Records
Issue of Album Being Reviewed: CHCD006

1. Soldierhead (4:17)
2. Godsnake (5:17)
3. King of the Underdogs (6:01)
4. Skyscraper (6:36)

Notes: Ordered my copy from Newsted’s website signed by the three members. Second pressing came with a Newsted guitar pick.

Jason Newsted – Vocals, Bass Guitar
Jessie Farnsworth – Guitars
Jesus Mendez, Jr. – Drums

Produced by: Jason Newsted

Newsted is Metal. Jason Newsted’s comeback EP is long enough to whet one’s appetite but also short enough to not leave the listener full. Combining Newsted’s raspy lead vocals that he became so well-known for in Metallica concerts with barebones heavy metal music the music is simple yet really packs a punch. The EP kicks the doors open with Soldierhead: a no holds barred headbanger that combines the energy of Newsted’s early days in Flotsam and Jetsam and Metallica with the attitude of Motörhead. The song is the perfect choice for the opener and leads directly into the heavy monster that is Godsnake. Godsnake is a slower chugging number that echoes the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” through the lyrics yet twists it and makes it metal. King of the Underdogs is my favorite song on the EP. The song’s intro sends shivers down spine very time I hear Newsted sing, “…that trap the screaaaammmsss!” The song builds up and then set into a steady groove up until the chorus where the band breaks into Motörhead territory again. The song is one of the strongest on the EP with its breakneck and chugging riffs as well as a killer vocal performance from Jason Newsted. The EP is rounded off with Skyscraper which rocks with more of the now-established Newsted sound. This is a great springboard for Jason as it has already lead to a proper full-length album and a spot on Gigantour 2013. Grab a copy of this or the debut album if you can and support METAL.

Stay Heavy and Listen to METAL. Also check out the cool autograph I got of the three band members (at the time of the EP) when I ordered this from Newsted’s website!
Newsted Metal Autograph

Ratt’s Song Picks: Soldierhead, Godsnake, King of the Underdogs

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2 responses to “Newsted – Metal

    • I think I agree with you, except Justice is better than this just slightly to me, but not because of Jason since you can’t hear him and he only wrote Blackened. Flotsam is probably my favorite outing of Jason’s but this solo band is right up there!

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